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Advanced Anodising and Electroplating Pty Ltd (AAEP) provides metal finishing, electroplating, electroless nickel, tin plating and anodising services to the defence force, the marine industry, and the oil and gas industry in Australia. We also anodise motorcycle parts, BMX parts. See Links & Sponsorship for more information.

Advanced Anodising and Electroplating Pty Ltd (AAEP) does work for numerous vehicle  body building businesses, engineering businesses, boring and drilling equipment businesses, hydraulic equipment businesses around the Perth metro area and beyond.

We can cater to big, small, one-off and/or ongoing work. If we cant help you we will refer you on to those that can. We offer pick-up and delivery services around the Perth Metro area as well certificates of conformance if required.

Based in Kelmscott, Western Australia, we are proud to be one of only a few companies in the metal works industry in Australia that can provide some of these services. We also offer over 75 years of experience across just three of our electroplating staff.

AAEP's mission is to establish industry leadership built on the outstanding products and services we offer to our customers.

We consistently provide results that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. At the same time we continuously improve our processes and procedures in keeping with worldwide research and development of protective coatings.

When you deal with AAEP you deal with an experienced, dedicated team of industry leaders who are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability at the lowest practicable cost to our customers.


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