Zinc Plating - Enviro Zinc 5

Suitable only for steel components. We zinc a wide variety of steel components including manifolds, car parts, spare truck parts, pipes, boring & drilling equipment, flanges, nuts, bolts, trailer parts, brackets, fences, fasteners etc

Key Benefits

  • Promotes more even smoother finish
  • Completely cyanide free posing no risk to the environment or processors
  • Gives good passivation including a high quality blue finish
  • Excellent covering power
  • Can give extremely bright deposits
  • Extremely good ductility


Passivation: We can turn your zinc red green or blue.


New Zinc Plating Line 4m x 1.5m x 1.5m.

Dual Crane Operating System

Zinc is a bluish-white, lustrous metal which is hard, crystalline and brittle. The metal is electronegative to iron and gives excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in industrial and urban environments. Zinc readily alloys with many other metals and one of its primary uses is in an alloy form for 'zinc base die castings' which are of importance in the metal finishing trade.

The value of zinc as a rust-proof finish for iron and steel has long been appreciated, and galvanising means of the molten metal practised for at least two centuries. In recent years electro deposition of zinc has made rapid strides and is now used extensively for finishing all manner of iron and steel products including castings, forgings and sheet steel pressings.

Zinc plating is being used on an increasing scale, particularly in the electrical industry for components which would formerly have been cadmium plated.

Gold and Silver

Gold Zinc (passivation) is chromate based which creates an oxide layer to the component to enhance corrosion resistance and can be heat treated for hardness to eliminate brittleness. It is also recommended for electronic components and performs particularly well in open harsh environments. Silver passivation is Nitric based giving a 'blue' finish. It is generally used on wearing and moving parts. This process adheres well to zinc and provides a more durable finish. Silver is more commonly used on enclosed components.

Olive Drab and Black

Olive Drab gives a Khaki green finish and is chromate based but is generally applied over 10 microns which is most applicable to oil and gas industries where very heavy corrosion occurs. Black Zinc is also chromate based and performs similar to Olive Drab. It is generally preferred for aesthetic qualities in mining, defence and electronic industries.


To AS 1789-2003

Australian Standard (Electroplated zinc (electrogalvanised) coatings of ferrous articles (batch process))

Bath Capacity

4000 x 1000 x 1700


Call AAEP Pty Ltd on 08 9495 4995 or send an email to to see if we can help you with your zinc plating needs. Please note car clubs can recieve 10% discount if you mention our website (See Brad). For a quote you can send drawing and/or photo and/or description (make sure to note dimensions, weight, material and type of plating required etc). We have minimum charge so in some case it might not be economical to zinc plate your old parts and you may be best buying brand new parts.



Zinc Plating is widely employed for providing sacrificial protection to steel. Being electronegative to iron, meaning that the zinc will corrode preferentially to the underlying metal, zinc plating gives excellent corrosion resistance to iron and steel components, particularly in industrial and urban environments.

Zinc Plating provides an attractive finish with a relatively uniform thickness, which does not tend to fill up slots and screws holes or obliterate threads and other fine details of work. The coating can subsequently be passivated or dyed to further improve corrosion resistance or for part identification.

Zinc Plating also serves as an effective undercoat for powder coated and wet paints.

Corrosion Protection of Chromate Coatings

Type of Chromate

Type of ChromateTime to white salts on zinc plate (salt spray test)
Clear (Bright Blue) 12-72 hours
Iridescent Yellow 72-250 hours
Olive Drab 79-300 hours
Black 12 - 150 hours


Service ConditionClassification CodeMinimum Thickness
4 Fe / Zn 25c 25 micron
3 Fe / Zn 12c 12 micron
2 Fe / Zn 8c 8 micron
1 Fe / Zn 5c 5 micron

Service Condition 4 is for exceptionally severe corrosion conditions such as marine parts, some exterior motor car and motor cycle components and those exposed to industrial atmospheres.

Service Condition 3 is for severe corrosive conditions such as washing machine components and moderate outdoor exposures such as bicycle parts and some exterior motor car components.

Service Condition 2 is for moderate corrosive conditions such as indoor conditions where condensation may occur.

Service Condition 1 is for mild, dry indoor conditions

The letter c indicates that a chromate treatment is to be applied.